Payments (Membership & Trie)

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To join the membership, Payment is required.

Fantrie provides credit card payments.

Membership Payments

Membership fees will be paid automatically next month based on the first purchase date.

For example, if you paid on May 7, the next payment date is June 7.

If you paid on the end of the month, such as the 31st, the next payment date is the end of the next month. If the first payment was made on August 31, the next payment date would be September 30, and if the payment was made on January 30, the next payment date would be February 28 or February 29.


  1. Click the [Be The Fan] button to go to the Membership Introduction pop-up.
  2. Check the membership introduction and select  OUTSIDE KOREA and click the [Sign up] button.
  3. Go to Stripe check out page, and enter your card information.
  4. If you want save the card information on Stripe, check "Save information to pay faster next time"
  5. Press the [Subscribe] button to pay.

Purchase Trie & Present Trie to Celebrities

Purchase Trie

Trie is an electronic currency that can be sent as a gift to a celebrity within Fantrie service. It can be charged and used, and KRW 1,000 per 10 trees (VAT is separately). 

You can charge it at the Trie charging station.

Present Trie to Celebrities

You can present Trie to the celebrity by clicking the [Send Trie] button in the Direct Message window. (Minimum Unit 10 Tries)

If you have sent some Tries, it is displayed preferentially at the top of the celebrity's message box, and is sorted in order of quantity of Tries.



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