Do you want to set or change your membership policy? Most options can be changed in the setting menu.

To activate the membership settings option, you must first obtain approval to switch to a celebrity account.

Switching Celeb Accounts

Accounts that have been approved to switch to a celebrity account are activated the membership settings option.


Membership Option

The Membership page allows you to set membership fees and discount rates.

Subscription Fee

  •   You can set the membership cost that is automatically paid on a monthly basis.
  •   You can freely set membership costs. However, if membership costs are changes, monthly payments will be stop automatically according to "Content User Protection Guidelines", which can adversely affect your profits. Fans need to apply for membership again in order to maintain membership status when changing membership fees, so please make a careful decision when you consider to the fee change. 

First Subscription Promotion

  • To encourage membership subscription, you can discount your membership fee in the first month.
  •  You can choose at 10% , 20% and 30% off.
  •  It is cutting in less than 100 won for convenience. e.g) KRW 9,999 and 30% discounted, KRW 6,999.7 -> KRW 6,900.