Registered accounts are increasing, and each service has a different password generation rule. Some services require a combination of numbers and special characters to make passwords, while others require capital letters. Eventually, the number of passwords to memorize increases, and often mistakes passwords or IDs, or forgets them.

But don't worry. It is easy to reset password in Fantrie.

1. Click on the link  'Forgot your password?' just below the password box. 

2. Click the link and a reset popup will appear. Enter your email (ID) and press the 'Send Password Reset Code' button.

3. Enter the code that arrived in your mail and renew it with your new password.

If you don't get any emails for more than 10 minutes? 

a) Check the spam box in your mail.

  b) Make sure your mail account status is not inactive.

  c) Add to your address book and retry account authentication


 If you still haven't received the verification mail, please send mail to We'll take care of it as soon as possible.