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If you want to be a celebrity after signing up for Fantrie,, you need to get approval to switch your celebrity account.

Posting, membership settings, and settlement functions are activated when you switch to a celebrity account.

Switch to a celebrity account

  1.  Enter [Account Settings] within [Personal Settings]
  2.  Go through the KYC process.
  3.  Enter one or more Social Media accounts for your reference. Click [Save Changes] button.
  4.  [Switch Celebrity Account] button is activated for so that you can apply for a Celeb Account Transition.
  5.  You can be a celebrity within the Fantrie service (within 5 working days) after the review of the management team. 
  6.  For the following cases, the celebrity application may be rejected or may be requested additional certification after the management's review.
    - The contents offense against public morals
    - Significantly interfere other celebrities' activity
    - If the social media you entered when you applied for a celebrity account is a new one with low activities
    - If the social media you entered when you applied for a celebrity account is a private account
    - If the social media you entered when you applied for a celebrity account is not yours
    - Have a history of suspension or account deletion due to violation Fantrie Terms of Condition
    - Inappropriate to switch to a celebrity account under the judgment of the management team

If you have any objections to the management's review or need further certification, please email to contact@fantrie.com

Celebrity Account Deliberation Criteria

The deliberation criteria celebrity accounts are determined in accordance with the rules of the Korea Communications Standards Commission, 'Regulations on Deliberation on Information and Communication'.

  1. Copyright and rights infringement content
    - broadcasts such as sports, movies and dramas whose copyrights are not resolved
    - Content that is clearly copyrighted by the company or individual
    - Significantly violate other people's personal rights by posting photos, videos, etc. without authority

  2. Obscene materials
    Upload pornographic (porno, pornography) videos, hateful acts, photos, videos, etc.
    - Sex acts are described or expressed
    - Violation and prohibition of Fantrie Regulations, even if not specified above

  3. Specific organization / region / religion / racism
    - Contents that directly refer to discriminatory terms or promote disparagement and prejudice
    - Contents that cause harm to persons' status, social status, personality, etc.

  4. Content related to fraud, abuse, gambling, and investment
    Contents that includes fraudulent acts such as requesting to deposit accounts, etc.
    - Contents that defame others by insulting others or stating facts or false information for the purpose of slander;
    - Information related to gambling or personal investment that promotes gambling.

  5. Others
    - Contents that may harm law and order by encouraging illegal acts that violate laws and regulations.
    - Intentionally interferes with the service operation, causes unfair competition, etc.,
    - Contents that violate the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information

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